Hurricanes and dialysis

If you are on dialysis or other medical condition that requires daily or frequent treatments you should always treat each hurricane or storm as an extreme danger.  During hurricane Harvey I was stuck for 4 days at a hospital 3 miles from my home.  The hospital was dry, my home was dry but in between was a mile side lake that was there before.  As the days went by I saw more and more people coming to the hospital seeking dialysis only to be turned away because the dialysis machines were in use and there was a waiting list.  The problem wasn’t that the power was out at the dialysis centers but that the staff couldn’t make it to work.

Your first consideration should always be to evacuate, remember this is your life you we are talking about.  If evacuation is not possible ask your doctor for advise and keep a copy of your medical records with you at all times, should you be forced to go to a new clinic they will need them to give you treatment.

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