Preparing for Hurricane Season

Anybody who has ever been through a hurricane will tell you that the last minute is not the time to prepare for a hurricane.  Store shelves are empty and gas stations are dry.

  1. Make sure you have the recommended supplies need for a hurricane.  You can find a list here.
  2. Trim your trees.  The majority of damage from a hurricane is from the wind not water.
  3. Make sure you know what your evacuation route is.  You can find a list by state here.
  4. Make a plan so everybody in your home knows what to do if a storm is approaching.   A check list is useful so you can mark things off when done and to make sure you don’t forget anything.
  5. Check your generator. Make sure it’s running and all required maintenance is done.
  6. Call your insurance agent and make sure your policy is up to date and you are fully covered.  You can’t buy flood insurance when a storm is approaching.
  7. Make sure you know where all your important papers.  If their location isn’t water proof then seal them in plastic zip lock bags.
  8. Take a video inventory of your belongs.  Make sure to store the video in your Google, Apple or other online drive.
  9. Check your pets vaccination records in case you have to use a shelter.
  10. Have your roof inspected, you can usually get this done for free.
  11. Check your fence for any lose boards and repair as needed.

If you do all these things before the hurricane season then it will make your preparedness easier when a storm is approaching.